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Microwaves & RF's October issue features our Managing Director, Alex Goloschokin, as interviewed by Editor-in-Chief Nancy Friedrich. Alex discusses the origins of Copper Mountain Technologies, the technology behind Virtual Vector Network Analyzers, and future product line expansion.

Alex says of Virtual VNAs,

"the biggest benefits of the virtual format are a much lower price point, smaller footprint, its lightweight form factor, and operation from any external PC. All of these aspects will make our VNAs very attractive to both development labs and production environments".

And what about the roots of the company's name?

NF: The best known Copper Mountain in this country is in Colorado. Why did you name the firm “Copper Mountain Technologies?” And who came up with the name?

AG: Yes, we’ve received inquiries about ski passes more than a few times! Unfortunately for those callers, our expertise is… ice hockey. Just kidding, it is actually in microwave and RF test equipment. Our company is named after a different Copper Mountain, which is located in the South Ural Mountain Ridge [in central Russia]. Chelyabinsk, home to our manufacturing facility, is located in this region. Our company’s name is a tribute to the rich history of the region. It brings together old-world craftsmanship with modern technological advancements (created by highly talented engineers and researchers—many of whom are graduates of South Ural University, a well-known engineering school).

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Alex Goloschokin Inside Track article

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