Software Installer Downloads

The column at right contains links to software downloads for all the instruments in each family. Updated software is released periodically throughout the year, incorporating bug fixes and feature enhancements, and always at no charge. Install the latest version of software for the highest performance and most complete feature set.

CMT instruments are grouped into four software families: "R" for 1-port Reflectometers; "TR" for 2-port 1-path VNAs, "S2" for our 2-port reversing VNAs, and "S4" for 4-port VNAs. A summary of the new features and fixes of each release can be found in each software family's Release Notes document, also linked along the right side of this page.

Starting with the first release of 2016, software versions across families are unified (15.4.0 signifying the fourth major development cycle of 2015). In addition, each instrument family now has a unified software installer, which can be configured during or after installation to operate either as a software simulation of any instrument in the family, or to control a USB instrument.

After installation, you will find the family's Operating Manual(s) and Programming Manual in the /docs/ subfolder, plus multiple programming examples and guides, and a LabVIEW driver, in an examples subfolder.

If you have any questions or don't see the file you are looking for, please let us know!